Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deg Hit'an, Athabascan

"Ingalik," is a derogatory Eskimo description of the Deg Hit’an, Athabascan.  There are four different groupings inside of the Deg Hit’an clan.  Which are the Anvik Deg Hit’an, Shageluk Deg Hit’an, Holikachuk Deg Hit’an, Bonasilia Deg Hit’an, which is also their village name or the name of the river they reside along.
 Before any explorers came to Alaska all the natives survived off the land.  They knew how to read the weather, how to make weapons and dishes out of wood, bones and horns, to hunt for food, they made clothing out of furs and skins, learned what kind of plants were poisonous and what kind of plants help the healing process, they learned how to preserve food for the winter so they wouldn’t starve, their every day task were done in order to survive in the freezing cold winters.

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