Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trading Post

The Russians main reason for exploring was for fur, it was in demand in Russia, they landed on Kodiak first and then made their way up the west coast of Alaska with the natives as their escorts, the natives were slaves.  The Russian traders started up the Yukon River around the 1833 and some how communicated with the natives about what they had to offer in traded for fur (Vanstone, 1979).  They determined the location that would possibly give them an upper hand in the fur industry and in 1835 St. Michaels was developed.  The Deg Hit’an had a history of trading with the Yupik, who have been trading with the Russians, and they were already accustomed to some of the goods the Russians had to offer.  For example, metal. tobacco, pots and pans.  This location was accessible to the natives and a good location to explore for fur availability.  The Deg Hit’an rarely came in contact with the Russians; just a few men went to go trade with them and they camped outside of the post. 

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